Functions Of Nature

The Biochemical Origin of the Mind in Nature

Foreshadowing, Time's Mixing Bowl

I am about to write and show you that part of me somehow, in some way is imprinted upon the Time environment.

The following is very difficult for someone trained first in the hard sciences then spent a career working in mass media. There is just so much wrong with what you are about to see and read given all previous experience except for one thing: In science you have to go with the evidence you find, period, regardless of any ideas you had when you started your investigation.

I am aware of how it will seem to some or many at first but I cannot deny what is built into my own biology and think it needs to be reported for completeness. If I did not report it now it would be much more awkward later.

As stated previously the 4-D or Time environment intermingles past, present and future events via Churning.

That we Churn Past to Present quite often as normal brain functioning. That the Time environment can also Churn to/be in the future.

As 4-D mechanics require deformations to form and reform and the distance through Time is longer from here to the past, this foreshadowing is increasingly distorted in the past but clearer today. The further away from an Initial Event Occurence in Time, the more distorted the event becomes, from the perspective of human evolution.

Here we go. I am foreshadowed in both negative and positive cultural traditions. You can skip this and go straight to the not-really-spooky below.

This is just from what I looked up, I've never had an interest in this sort of thing. For me there is no supernatural other than that fun show on tv. However if you are a believer then you probably need to read the following. For the rest of us, please skip to the freaky hand thing.

2012. Maybe but not entirely as I knew about the date and often thought of it as my drop-dead deadline. Ta da! Again, sorry if anyone was stressing about it. It's all good, I was actually thinking more about the stuff below.

However if I or rather my impressions are imprinted as much as I think they are now, then my presence has been weaved throughout human cultural history. All the abrahamic religions have foreshadowing of me in both their positive and negative mythologies. The further away in Time the more distorted the foreshadowings due to the 4-D landscape deforming and forming back again on itself.

On the positive my name is Michael. Basically this guy defeats the devil or evil or something. I hope it will ease your mind if you need it:

"His first role is the leader of the Army of God and the leader of heaven's forces in their triumph over the powers of hell.[30] He is viewed as the angelic model for the virtues of the spiritual warrior, with the conflict against evil at times viewed as the battle within."

And many, many more tales of positivity from Michael in many denominations in the various faiths. Please bear that in mind while reading the next section. Finally, it does get better if the next section troubles you, but it really should not. Just a misunderstanding.

There are tales of devils and the like destroying the world. Let's look at what wikipedia says about all three abrahamic religions depictions of this entity. Or just skip ahead to here.

Judaism: In Hebrew, the biblical word ha-satan means "the adversary"[6] or the obstacle, or even "the prosecutor" (recognizing that God is viewed as the ultimate Judge). As much as the Devil exists in any form of Judaism, his role is as an adversary and an accuser which is assigned rather than assumed.

Christianity: In the Bible, the devil is identified with "The dragon" and "the old serpent" in the Book of Revelation 12:9, 20:2 have also been identified with Satan, as have "the prince of this world" in the Book of John 12:31, 14:30; "the prince of the power of the air" also called Meririm, and "the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience" in the Book of Ephesians 2:2; and "the god of this world" in 2 Corinthians 4:4.[16] He is also identified as the dragon in the Book of Revelation (e.g.[17]),

Islam: Muslims traditionally derived the name from the Arabic verbal root balasa meaning "he despaired"; therefore, the meaning of Iblis would be "he/it that causes despair".[1]
In popular Islamic culture, "Shaytan" is often simply translated as "The Devil," but the term can refer to any of the beings who rebelled against God.

Judaism yes indeed you could say I am prosecuting their magical beliefs and actually angry at one particular practice; Christianity well I am a wood dragon in chinese mythology and in some ways I suppose you could say I am describing the kingdom of air, that which is all around us and through us but unseen; Islam indeed this hypothesis will cause them to despair if they are truly intelligent and believers, the dissonance that comes from trying to hold onto islamic mythology while also trying to understand this theory may actually cause despair.

And all those are nothing, any number of people can make claims to satisfy the simple criteria I have written above.

But none of them have an icon of what has been historically called the horned god on their left hand, from birth.


I can't blame you for whatever reaction you are having to this.


I first saw this thing towards the end of November 2010 and it intrigued and stressed me out. I didn't really go back to it for a few months after I first noticed as it was so odd and 'spooky', I ran from it. But it's on my hand and it's always there so I started to examine it. It was strangely interesting, especially as I had already begun seriously writing this hypothesis in 2002.

I wondered if I was losing my mind. I took pictures with a camera and looked at them on my computer. I was trying to ensure it was there, that I hadn't lost my mind, if the icon impression showed up in the pictures on the computer then maybe I wasn't hallucinating or something.

Then I realized that if I was crazy then I probably would see it on the computer even if it wasn't there. Maddening. I showed it to a few people and they could see it too. Nope not hallucinating, it's there.

It's there and the foreshadowings of me are there too, arising in the world explaining how consciousness is simply a function of nature, destroying all other human philosophies about life in the universe. Or simply just being a reflection of some of my previous turmoil in life writ large across the centuries, my personal anger distorted through Time as the basis for the negative. Today I am living in Vancouver, more Michael, my first self, the boy who truly loved Nature and all life growing up in the fields and streams of Southern Vermont.

Closer to the here and now that gangster time-traveling movie screened just as I was settling in to finish this work in 2012. I was born in Montreal but after a few months (weeks?) moved to New England, then back to Montreal when I was 6.5/7 into an inner city ghetto from the green hills of Vermont. The Globe and Mail newspaper published some of my experiences in the Montreal environment here. And actually, the films existence annoyed me as I had not finished writing this though I had started it like ten years earlier. I did not watch the film, re: annoyed, but it did help goad me into finishing up what you read today. I did skim through it a year or so later.

There are many cultural references past and present that relate to my own 'footprints' in Time in human cultural history, no matter how crazy some of you may think it. Everything from the horned deer-like symbol being everywhere in popular culure and around me to things like the recently released Interstellar about...Time being a 4th Dimension. I am also born out of wedlock; one parent Jewish; all Eastern European ancestry; according to some evangelicals in Canada an important person is supposed to be born in Canada; in Quebec I fought and have the scars to prove it, for English rights in Montreal while the British themselves are seemingly obsessed with 'Time Lords' and like the icon on my hand, the British Crown is the throne of the Stag King.

Back when I was finishing this up in 2012 the front page of one of the sites referenced above for the horned god used the symbol below on either side of the title name of the page. The icon represented what this person believed to be a symbol of their horned god.

sigh You can see the three bottom male structures are similar to mine, the outstretched arms and the horns on top though not configured properly from my p.o.v. are still there. I don't have a tail on my actual body but the icon on my hand does have the right-facing 'leg' curl under the towards the wrist and across. Just showing how the icon on my hand is apparently out there.

Coincidences just keep adding up. I know it sounds crazy and incredible but when it happens to you, eventually, no matter how uncomfortable it may be for myself or anyone else, you have to accept it. We all grow up wanting to be ‘the one’ as boys, the hero-myth, but when something eerily similar happens to oneself, it is much more daunting and difficult to deal with than fiction normally indicates.

Not Spookier, 4-D Mechanics

If I curl my middle and ring fingers towards the palm of my hand and outstretch the pinky and index fingers in the rock & roll 'devil' salute as well as the love hand gesture, the icon on my hand becomes clearer to see as the other striations around it disappear or are reduced as my skin tightens.


Indeed. Those who erroneously believe the world contains the supernatural have a more distorted picture of this moment in human history, splitting me up into two separate, fantastical entities, whereas the nature loving people have a more accurate picture of my role as a man. I am a single entity to them with stronger than average desires but also the bringer of self-awareness. They have greater adhesion to my 4-D churns as their thinking is more similar.

My internal sensory system is likely a little more robust than most.

Example: I can feel when a tooth is decaying but not a full-on cavity. It feels sensitive and if I just brush more or floss for a few days it clears up and reforms the enamel. I have not needed a dentist in over 30 years. When I was 16 I went to the dentist and he said if I returned the following year with no cavities, the next year's visit was free. It was and I stopped going altogether.

Sorry about that

Perhaps in some ways I should be a little sorry that I have done this, this 'imprinting'. However it had to happen and at least we can rest easy it was simply a misunderstanding through the long distance from here to the past. I am very happy, wonderstruck and not regretful at all. It happened, it had to happen, and the future will be better as a result.

If you wish, you can see the icon on my hand as a 2D, line-based description of 4D mechanics. The smaller bottom Node deforms into the smaller point, then stretches outward on top back into itself or other nodes with the central line also acting like a node branches out to other nodes. It's one way to look at it, if you like.

There are a few more things but enough already. I'm not one to want to talk about myself too much, as I am as susceptible to hubris as the next person and prefer to deal with the idea but this had to be presented given the way 4D mechanics work.

This foreshadowing can only be possible if everything or close to everything I have written here is true. I keep coming back to this idea, that in some way this foreshadowing is simply some of me churning 'everywhen'. I like the word even if I am just a part of the Time environment and not actually everywhen. But in terms of humanity, yes I am imprinted 'everywhen'.

That is one of the reasons I cannot call this a hypothesis but a theory, though I respect everyone's right to call it a hypothesis until it can be proven over and over again.