No More Government Food Lies

No More Government Food Lies

No More Government Food Lies

People Who Follow Government Food Policy Get Sick

Government health authorities have been captured by mega-business interests, their supporters are making the rules, the policies and procedures the government tells you are necessary. In Canada and the USA, the food pyramid, for example, is not what is healthy for you to eat but what the government is saying the Food Industry is allowed to sell and market to you and your children.

It has had disastrous results on crucial metrics of health like overall fitness, cost of medical care, a clear destruction of the fitness of our military, soldiers forced to consume food that makes them fat and ill, creating further distortions in discourse simply by maintaining the dogma over all evidence…it goes on and on.


Below is a series of Notes and Links to Videos which will help you realize what has been going on.

As much as many, perhaps like myself, blame the overweight and unhealthy on themselves being too dim to do the right thing, or others who push the idea it is okay to destroy someone’s physical and mental health simply because it may offend someone who does not want to be criticized if you point out their clear deterioration, they are both wrong as they do not account for greed-based corruption, the true problem which makes good citizens do dumb things while giving self-righteous bigots permission to attack those criticizing the business-government collusion policies.

Instead here is the way to get there, away from the greed which has distorted our food choices so much. It is making us sick while small corruptions become larger, destroying large swaths of transparency, accountability, and democracy.

Start with either of the two videos below. Fat Fiction is great to watch with the family, a real eye-opener that will help everyone in the family, while Vegetable Oils The Unknown Story drills down into details of what, how and why this happened.

Fat Fiction (2020) Entertaining For Whole Family
– Hyman does not get it all correct but the documentary does show the correct direction. Hyman himself incorrectly eats veggie oils and eats far too many vegetables but we were in the beginning stages of waking up to what was going on, where any reduction of carbs helped a lot.

“Nina Teicholz – ‘Vegetable Oils The Unknown Story’.mp4”
– The most informative introduction which gets into what and why the horrible garbage came into widespread use.

“D. Dr Chris Knobbe Diseases of Civilization Are Seed Oil Excesses the Unifying Mechanism_1080p.mp4”
– The issue is dumb physics being applied to complex biochemistry. Fructose and seed oils are not just energy holders but do other metabolic things, affect other cell functions that severely damage human-type organisms.

“E. Dr Gary Fettke Is Fruit Good or Bad For You_1080p.mp4”
– Another shocker, when you look at the data, fruit become entertainment, not nutrition. The author had to stop as the fructose causes pain, apparently autoimmune issues. He also cannot eat nightshades without same/similar results.

“F. Despite what you’ve been told COWS CAN SAVE THE WORLD_1080p.mp4”
– It’s good to watch media, listen and read things that support a healthy lifestyle. This video has some important facts that are missing from the public discussion in the media, which profits mainly from pharma advertising dollars, just fyi.

Mindset, Keeping Motivated, Moving In The Right Direction

I strongly recommend you subscribe to Low Carb Down Under, Shawn Baker, MD and for exercise there is no greater person online than Athlean-X, Jeff Cavaliere’s YouTube Channel. That man’s channel is a gift to everyone on Earth.

Athlean-X shows you things others want you to pay big bucks to see, in terms of exercise. Look at him, if you do not look like him then do not stress about doing everything he shows. Do what you can, not what you cannot do. Keep your form ‘perfect’ versus adding weight. No shortcuts! He has weights, bodyweight, or using bands, all sorts of amazing, great ways to exercise with educated Physical Therapist tips. Face Pulls, do them!

Shawn is a carnivore, MD by training, athlete, a leader who has wise words about veganism, the foolishness of it all. He is a good guy he does not say everyone should all be carnivore but I do agree we need meat, it is part of the natural diet of the top predators on the Earth:

D,E, and F videos come from Low Carb Down Under which has a lot of great videos to keep your motivation strong:

Self-Awareness Is Critical To Intelligence – I did these when I was 17.


  1. Have a recording device like smartphone record audio or an old school tape or modern digital audio recorder near your head, recording.
  2. Exactly as you would go to sleep, lights off, dressed for bed and expecting to go to sleep, lying in bed.
  3. Go over the day you just had, verbally to yourself/the recorder.
  4. Start by thinking back to when you woke up. Which position was your body in? Did you turn left or right? What did you think first thing, but more importantly what was the first thing you did once you got out of bed? Did you look at a pet or mate or something first then say something? Little details of your day, all of of them, from start to finish.
  5. Just keep trying to recall every moment of the day. This helps you find out what part of your life is making unhappy and what your actions are in relation to that unhappiness. Are you simply going along to get along causing problems or are you too resistant, close-minded to situations? You will find out eventually.
  6. It might take weeks or months but eventually you may not require a recording device as your memory can improve as you begin to train it to function properly versus ignoring it or letting it do whatever some idiot on tv tells you it does.
  7. I used it to solve why I was unhappy in College while be successful according to ‘society’. Can be very helpful for many things.

Critical Food Must Do’s

  1. No vegetable oils at all.
    Toss them out, they are extremely toxic for real. Soybean oil in particular drives metabolic diseases like fatness, diabetes and others. See video: “Dr Chris Knobbe Diseases of Civilization Are Seed Oil Excesses the Unifying Mechanism_1080p.mp4”
  2. Carbs In Terms of Bread, Pasta, Etc. Are Addictive, Drug-like Substances.
    Make you feel calm, satiated while not actually making you full, fooling you, lying to you about that. Then tells you to take more of the harmful foods by making you hungry, to literally feed your addiction again as you need more within an hour or less as hunger pangs start anew.
  3. Sugars are like alcohol, you should not do them at all ever. Fruits are not as healthy as the marketing claims indicate. It looks like we really used them when water supplies were dry as a source of water versus essential nutrition in the past.
  4. A multivitamin in the morning with green tea is your best bet along with animal-based foods for complete, healthy nutrition. Yes some or many days some of the vitamins will simply be peed out but that is okay. It is more like a vitamin wash to ensure your internal processes have enough for the day without worrying about eating tons of excess food to get ideal micronutrients.

The More You Exercise, The Less Desire You Have For Bad Food

They go in hand in hand, as you improve your diet your exercise quality and quantity goes up with your desire to do bad things going down. Eat right first.

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