Video: Answering The Question, What happens to you when you die?

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Functions Of Nature: The Biochemical Origin of the Mind in Nature

00:00 Answering The Question: What happens to you, your mind, your self, your consciousness when you die?

00:12 Discovered Time Is Part Of The Environment

00:58 What Does That Mean, Time Is Part of The Environment?

01:35 Evolution Easily Explained

02:36 How Can I Explain The Time Environment To You?

03:00 A Unit Of Time Will Always Be Constantly In Motion

03:05 A Little Complex, Difficult Explanation Of The Structure Of The Time Environment

04:30 Easier Way To Start Understanding The Structure Of The Time Environment

06:37 Our Brains Adhere To Time

07:30 Time Part of Environment Is To Humans LIke Water Is To Fish

08:15 What Happens When You Die

09:01 Old People Getting Up Early Helps Show Primary, ‘Master Switch of all life’ Role The Sun Plays, Especially In Consciousness

10:11 This Is What Happens To “You” When You Die

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